Friesla’s Founder & President interacting with Butcher Solutions’ Owner inside Friesla’s manufacturing facility.

Our Services

Local meat processing begins with a concept: your idea, question, or solution to a problem. Even with a great concept, there is a lot to consider to start—let alone to succeed. You need clarity throughout this process.

At Friesla, our mission is to help farmers and ranchers take back control of your meat processing—on your terms, time, and site. We’re in business for more than building and selling equipment. As your meat processing partner, we support you with the Friesla Ecosystem of services, tools, and equipment to help you advance from concept to operations.

Travis Siebol, Friesla’s Installation Manager, holding a blue crow-bar instructs a construction worker beside two Modules.

The Friesla Ecosystem of Services

Choosing a Friesla Meat Processing System provides you with a well-rounded setup for onsite meat processing. Being prepared to operate, however, is built on months of planning and cutting through bureaucratic red tape—the heart of Friesla’s Ecosystem of Services. We lay this groundwork with our comprehensive Project Development Phase, system and site planning, system manufacturing, USDA regulatory compliance support, and HACCP plan writing. After you receive your Mobile or Modular Meat Processing System, we supervise its installation and train your team on workflows and HACCP. We’re on your side—from concept to operations and expansion.

Friesla’s ecosystem of services, from project development, system and site planning, manufacturing, USDA regulatory compliance and system installation to system expansion.
Dave Hofford, Friesla’s Technical Manager, talking with a TriVan employee.

Project Development Phase

Whether you’re exploring starting a new operation or expanding an existing one, our team partners with you to build a foundation for your meat processing efforts. Guided by your concept, we help shoulder the burden of preparation and lay the groundwork for your processing operations.

Matt Pierson, President and Founder of The Producer Partnership, and Travis Siebol, Installation Manager at Friesla, discussing Modular Meat Processing System placement on site.

System & Site Planning

Prior to beginning manufacturing, our Technical Team works with you to translate your vision into a comprehensive design. We guide you through developing a site-specific layout and utility drawings, and then assembling a complete Meat Processing Equipment Package. Together, we create an efficient Meat Processing System that you can expand as you grow.

System Manufacturing

Guided by your system and site plan, our Project Management team leads your project through engineering drawings, manufacturing, and quality control. All of our equipment is built to meet USDA compliance requirements and manufactured down the road from our Washington State headquarters. But building the system isn’t the end of the road. Our team is available to help with equipment setup, implementing management and traceability hardware and software, training personnel, and auditing your existing operations.

Butcher Solutions’ Owner interacting with Friesla’s HACCP & USDA Trainer inside a Harvest Module.

USDA Regulatory Compliance

While your system is manufactured, our in-house USDA and regulatory experts work through the documentation required for you to become a USDA or state-inspected meat processor. Drawing on decades of experience building, running, and growing meat processing facilities, they take the lead on writing your required, FSIS-compliant Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan and assist with applying for your state or USDA Grant of Inspection.

System Installation

When manufacturing is complete, your Meat Processing System is shipped to your site location, where a Friesla technician joins you to supervise its installation. Once your foundation and utility hookups are ready to accept the system, our technician helps ensure its correct fitment and installation, and provides operating and maintenance training.

Friesla’s Founder and President interacting with BRK Meats’ butcher in the Primal Breaking Module of their Friesla Meat Processing System.

System Startup & Implementation

Receiving your new system is exciting. Learning how to operate it safely and effectively is the cherry on top. Our experienced Technical Team sets you up for success by providing onsite butcher training, workflow optimization, and HACCP Plan implementation. Whether you’re launching a new system or expanding your operations, we work with your team to maximize product quality and operating efficiency.

From concept to groundwork to operations, our passion is helping you take control of your local meat processing. Connect with us to begin your project.