Friesla Mobile Meat Harvest Trailer setup for beef cow harvest at a farm on a sunny day.

Our Equipment

Farmers and ranchers don’t need to depend on brick and mortar facilities to harvest, age, cut and package, and freeze your meat. Own your processing with Friesla’s system of USDA-compliant Mobile and Modular Meat Processing Equipment proudly built in the USA at TriVan. Ease the journey of bringing meat from farm to table: on your conditions, schedule, and location of choice.

Meat Processing Systems

Control your meat processing from slaughter to sale—knock, bleed, harvest, chill, cut, package, freeze, store, and sell your meat onsite.

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A rear view of a white, 38-foot-long Friesla Mobile Meat Harvest Unit used for on-site meat processing.

Meat Harvest Units

Slaughter animals using a Mobile or Modular Meat Harvest Unit designed for use on your farm or ranch.

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Stainless steel tables and cabinets in a Friesla Cut and Package Module.

Cut and Package Modules

Fabricate carcasses and further process on your chosen site rather than hauling meat to an offsite facility.

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An interior view of the Finished Goods Freezer in Friesla’s Modular Meat Processing System.

Coolers and Freezers

After harvesting, refrigerate your meat onsite. Once cutting and packaging is complete, freeze it on location before distribution.

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Used Equipment

Searching for a used meat processing plant, mobile slaughterhouse, or mobile meat processing trailer? Tap into our network.

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