A tan Friesla Modular Meat Processing System setup for Producer Partnership in Montana.

Client Stories

Meat producers, processors and entrepreneurs represent the best that America offers. Read these case studies of how they’re using small meat processing plants to restore local meat processing in communities across the nation.

Side view of a tan Friesla Modular Meat Processing System setup for The Producer Partnership in Montana.

The Producer Partnership


Think that opening a meat processing plant during a pandemic might be tough? Try starting the first nonprofit, federally-inspected meat processing plant in the United States—during COVID.

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A Friesla Modular Meat Processing System setup for MTXBeef in Texas.



When the pandemic hit Central Texas, cattle producers Justin and Missy Crocker’s community asked for help securing their food supply. MTXBeef boomed, but splitting production across 6 different processors wasn’t sustainable—they needed a solution.

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Friesla clients Brian and Mary Heffernan from Five Marys Farms on their ranch in Northern California.

Five Marys


Brian and Mary Heffernan left Silicon Valley for small town ranch life, building a brand by taking control of every element of their operations—from meat production to on-ranch harvest, processing, and direct-to-consumer sales.

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Local Natural Beef truck picking up product from a Friesla meat processing client’s facility.

Bear Mountain Beef


At the onset of COVID-19, Mac and Celsie Sussex lived through a “nightmare” hauling finished cattle long distances to multiple processors. Opening a USDA-inspected processing plant on their ranch put them back in the driver’s seat.

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Smiling butcher in blue uniform standing in a Friesla Mobile Meat Harvest Trailer.

North Cascade Meat Producers Cooperative


A group of producers teamed to harvest meat locally and shake their dependence on outside processors. They improved quality control, raised margins, lowered shipping costs, and reduced scheduling stress—without a fixed facility.

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