A used mobile slaughterhouse in a white trailer format used for meat processing on a farm or ranch.

Used Equipment

The right piece of equipment for processing meat on your farm or ranch isn’t always a new, custom-designed and manufactured unit. If you’re in the market to acquire or auction off used meat processing equipment, how will you find a buyer or seller?

Consider how you would seek out a standard piece of equipment or machinery. You have a long list of options: visit your local retail store. Look online. Dig into your network of contacts.

Comparatively, the process of buying or selling used meat processing equipment is more difficult. Try searching online for a used mobile slaughterhouse, mobile meat processing trailer, or small meat processing plant. Regardless of your search terms, you will likely yield few results.

Only a small, niche group of farmers or ranchers are looking to buy or sell pre-owned meat processing equipment. Since the equipment is more specialized, it isn’t accessible, advertised, and available like standardized equipment. Either you personally invest time, energy, and money in your search, or link up with a partner that can take on this task for you.

At Friesla, we’re connected to a broad network of meat processors and producers. As your broker, we draw on this network to find the used meat processing equipment you need, or a buyer for the equipment you’re looking to offload. Commission our team to begin your search.

Available Now: Preowned 36′ Mobile Harvest Unit

This gently-used 36′ Mobile Harvest Unit is fully equipped for USDA-inspected, multi-species slaughter—whether large animals like beef or smaller ruminants like goats and sheep. As a flexible, cost-effective alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar slaughter facility, this Friesla MHU provides a scalable, USDA-compliant option for starting a new slaughter operation or adding slaughter capacity to an existing meat processing plant (e.g., a retail butcher shop). The photos below are of similar Friesla MHUs and for reference only.

This preowned 36′ Mobile Harvest Unit includes:

  • Harvest Room equipped with a rail system, electric winches, in-line rail scale, comfort cooling, and more.
  • Carcass Drawdown Cooler with refrigeration sized to chill 12,000 lb of hot, full-length carcasses to below 40 degrees in 24 hours.
  • Mechanical Room with a diesel generator, water tank and pump, on-demand hot water heater, and more.
  • Equipment ranging from meat trolleys and a splitting saw to a removable rear ramp.
  • Services including HACCP Plan writeup, onsite HACCP training, and shipment to your site.