Butcher moves packaged meat into a Friesla Finished Goods Freezer for frozen storage.

Coolers and Freezers

Friesla’s Modular Meat Coolers and Freezers are modularized units built in the USA to chill animal carcasses prior to cut and package, and to freeze finished meat products prior to sale.

The 4-meat rail system, ceiling-mounted evaporators, working hose, and double doors in a Friesla Carcass Aging Cooler Room.

Carcass Aging Cooler

Between an animal’s slaughtering and when it is cut and packaged, the USDA requires the meat to be chilled to and maintained at specific temperatures to inhibit bacterial growth. Cooling or aging times vary depending on the animals being harvested, regional preferences, and consumer demand.

Friesla’s Carcass Aging Cooler is a purpose-designed module built for USDA-compliant storage and dry aging of meat prior to carcass fabrication. The cooling units are centrally located and circulate air at a low velocity to ensure proper aging of full-length half carcasses.

The large 12-foot-wide by 50-foot-long Carcass Aging Cooler is built to hold 40,000 lbs—approximately 50 head or 100 sides of beef, assuming 800 lbs per head or 400 per side. A high 10-foot rail allows you to hang full-length half carcasses, reducing waste when quartering for the aging process. The efficient meat rail system also includes a fourth, separate bypass rail for animals that do not require aging.

Hanging capacity can be increased by adding Carcass Aging Coolers to the original module. Connect with us to learn more or see how this module fits into our complete Meat Processing System.

An interior view of the Finished Goods Freezer in Friesla’s Modular Meat Processing System.

Finished Goods Freezer

Friesla’s Finished Goods Freezer is a high capacity walk-in freezer that interconnects with the Cut and package Module, completing the ecosystem of modular meat processing equipment. Once the meat is cut and processed, it is offloaded from the Cut and Package Module into the Finished Goods Freezer through an insulated door.

The 12-foot-wide by 50-foot-long unit’s self-contained refrigeration cooling system chills processed meat to freezing temperatures. Options for the freezer include high-capacity racking which allows pallets or totes to be stored underneath. When the meat is ready for distribution, it is offloaded through the unit’s full-swing insulated doors.

Prices of Friesla’s Finished Goods Freezers vary depending on specifications. Connect with us to learn more or see how this module fits into our complete Meat Processing System.