Coolers and Freezers

Friesla’s Modular Meat Coolers and Freezers are containerized units used to chill animal carcasses prior to cut and wrap, and to freeze finished meat products prior to sale.

Carcass Cooler

Between an animal’s slaughtering and when it is cut and wrapped, the USDA requires the meat to be chilled to a certain temperature to inhibit bacterial growth.

Friesla’s Carcass Cooler is a transportable, purpose-designed container built for USDA-approved storage and aging of meat prior to cut and wrap. Our modular meat coolers chill a daily fresh loading of meat from 70°F to 45°F in 18 hours.

Friesla’s 40-foot-long unit with a self-contained refrigeration cooling system can hold approximately 23 beef, or 92 quarters, which are offloaded from the Mobile or Modular Meat Harvest Unit into the Carcass Cooler through its insulated container doors.

Once cooled and at full capacity, the unit holds 18,000 lbs of meat at 38°F. When the meat is ready for cut and wrap, the product can be offloaded directly into the Cut and Wrap Module through the Carcass Cooler’s insulated slider door.

The costs of Friesla’s Carcass Coolers vary dependent on size and specifications. Connect with us to learn more.

Finished Goods Freezer

Friesla’s Finished Goods Freezer is a containerized walk-in freezer that seamlessly interconnects with the Cut and Wrap Module, completing the ecosystem of movable meat processing equipment. Once the meat is cut and wrapped, it is offloaded from the Cut and Wrap Module into the Finished Goods Freezer through an insulated slider door.

Friesla’s 8-foot-wide by 20-foot-long unit with a self-contained refrigeration cooling system cools a daily harvest of up to 2,000 lbs of palletized meat from 38°F to 0°F in 24 hours. At full capacity, it maintains up to 8 pallets, or 16,000 lbs of meat, at 0°F. When it is ready for distribution, the palletized meat is offloaded through the unit’s full-swing insulated doors.

The costs of Friesla’s Finished Goods Freezers vary dependent on size and specifications. Connect with us to learn more.