The agricultural landscape is changing.
Big producers have reduced the flow of locally-grown meat from farm to table. Let’s take back control of the process.

Meat Processing Systems

Gain complete control of your onsite meat processing with our turnkey, USDA-approved Meat Processing Systems. Knock and bleed, harvest, chill, cut and wrap, freeze, store, and even sell meat onsite—all using one ecosystem of interlocking modules.

- An exterior view of Friesla's Modular Meat Processing System.

Equipment We Sell

Begin local meat processing on your terms, time, and site using Friesla’s ecosystem of movable equipment: USDA-approved Meat Processing Systems, Harvest Units, Cut and Wrap Modules, Carcass Coolers, and Finished Goods Freezers.

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Services We Offer

The journey of bringing locally-grown meat from farm to table begins with your vision. We guide you through site plan development, HACCP plans, regulatory approval, production management, and implementing traceability technology.

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A Client Story

A group of farmers teamed up to harvest meat locally and shake their dependence on outside processors. They improved quality control, raised margins, lowered shipping costs, and reduced scheduling stress — without building a fixed facility.

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