The agricultural landscape has changed.
Big producers have reduced the flow of locally-grown meat from farm to table. Let’s take back control of the process.

Equipment We Sell

Begin local meat processing on your terms, time, and site using Friesla’s ecosystem of movable equipment: USDA-approved Meat Processing Systems, Harvest Units, Cut and Wrap Modules, Carcass Coolers, and Finished Goods Freezers.

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Services We Offer

The journey of bringing locally-grown meat from farm to table begins with your vision. We guide you through site plan development, HACCP plans, regulatory approval, production management, and implementing traceability technology.

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A Client Story

A group of farmers teamed up to harvest meat locally and shake their dependence on outside processors. They improved quality control, raised margins, lowered shipping costs, and reduced scheduling stress — without building a fixed facility.

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