Butchers break, cut, and package beef carcasses in the Cut and Package Module of a Friesla Meat Processing System.

Cut and Package Modules

Friesla’s Cut and Package Module is built in the USA on heavy duty steel frames to enable you to handle, cut, and package chilled animal carcasses on your site.

Whether your animals were slaughtered at a large facility or on your farm, the old status quo after drawing down hot carcasses was to deliver them to a separate facility for fabrication. But giving up oversight and quality control at this stage disrupts your ownership of the process.

Developed as an integral part of Friesla’s Meat Processing Systems, the Cut and Package Module is a key element of the slaughter-to-sale meat processing ecosystem. It is designed to fit your operational needs, site plan, and to comply with USDA regulations. The Cut and Package Module is equipped with a tailored Meat Processing Equipment package, ranging from band saws and grinders to vacuum packers and rollstock packaging machines—all of which are specified during your system’s Project Development Phase. The module includes a meat rail hanging system for easy carcass handling and breakdown, stainless steel polytop cut tables, bright LED lighting, cooling system, waterproof electrical system, plumbing with hot water, floor drains, and an easy-to-clean floor, walls, and ceiling.

At the start and completion of carcass breakdown, processors can access the Carcass Aging Cooler and Finished Goods Freezer through insulated doors at each end of the Cut and Package Module, or through an exterior-facing man door. When connected with Friesla’s Mobile or Modular Meat Harvest Unit, it enables a seamless, one-location system that can be expanded as your operations grow.

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