Our Team

From our home base in rural Western Washington, Friesla’s team is on a mission to help farmers and ranchers take back control of your local meat processing — on your terms, time, and at your site.

- Bob Lodder, Friesla’s Founder & President

Bob Lodder

Bob Lodder — rhymes with slaughter — founded Friesla to make the meat processing world a better place for independent farmers, ranchers, and meat eaters. He draws on decades of experience starting and scaling companies in the agriculture and manufacturing industries. Bob’s work at Friesla focuses on delighting our clients and encouraging and empowering our team. His attention is divided only by his wife, five adult kids, and 18 grandkids — or a thought-provoking read.

- : Nathan Chase, Friesla’s Operations Manager

Nathan Chase

Nathan Chase leads Friesla’s operations and partners with our consulting team to design and implement our Meat Processing Systems. Over the past decade, he’s created links between customers and colleagues by helping to solve problems with equipment and service. Nathan’s passions for family, meat, and BBQ mean he’s likely either grilling on his patio or hiking Pacific Northwest trails with his wife and kids.

Shawn Van Dyken, Friesla’s Sales Manager

Shawn Van Dyken

Shawn Van Dyken pilots Friesla’s sales force. For nearly four decades, Shawn has helped clients ranging from business/industrial and nonprofit organizations to government agencies to identify their needs and work together to chart a successful path forward. Shawn and his wife live up the road from the two dairy farms on which they were raised. One of his early childhood memories is slaughter day on the farm. His task: holding a large roaster pan while the local butcher loaded it up with freshly-harvested liver, heart, and tongue — Grandma’s favorites!

Dave Hofford, Friesla’s Technical Manager

Dave Hofford

Dave Hofford partners with Friesla’s clients on the design and manufacturing of our Meat Processing Systems. For two decades, he’s honed the crafts of fabrication, technical design, and managing complex projects — each of which lends to helping him develop processing systems that work for our farmers and ranchers. Dave’s meat tooth means his wife and kids are perpetual taste testers for his flavor-of-the-week BBQ techniques.

Travis Siebol, Friesla’s Installation & Training Manager

Travis Siebol

Travis Siebol leads Friesla’s meat processing site preparation, equipment installation, training, and service. Over the past two decades, he’s worked both hands-on in lean manufacturing and aluminum and steel MIG welding and directly with clients in distribution, sales, and project management. Travis loves to travel — whether road tripping to client sites in his motorhome, racing motocross, or tuning his white and red ‘56 Mercury.

Chris DePalma, Training & Technical Services

Chris DePalma

Chris DePalma joined Friesla to assist our clients with on-the-floor training, implementing HACCP on an operational level, ​​utilizing his experience with RTE (Ready to Eat) in design,​ ​and increasing our clients production efficiency. After two decades in the fishing industry, including building and installing seafood processing plants at sea and on shore, Chris’ lifelong taste for meat led him to join the launch of a whole-carcass beef and pork production plant that he operated for eight years. His interests are eclectic, ranging from Roman history and Russian literature to tinkering with small engine and wood projects in his garage. He eats his veggies too—all from his well-tended flower and vegetable gardens, which he loves to share with his wife and kids.

Lydia VanDriel, Friesla's Sales & Marketing Assistant

Lydia VanDriel

Lydia VanDriel works behind-the-scenes to tackle Friesla’s sales, marketing, and design projects. She draws on seven years of customer service, marketing and graphic design experience to bring life to Friesla’s brand and communicate effectively with our customers and team. Despite missing her home province of British Columbia, Lydia enjoys living in the Pacific Northwest and discovering new places to explore. She loves spending quality time with her husband, family and friends, thrift store shopping, photography, and hanging out at home with her two cats.

Interested in making the meat processing world a better place for independent farmers, ranchers, and meat eaters? Reach out to discuss how you might fit into our team at Friesla.

A member of our team discussing Friesla’s Modular Meat Processing System with a client in our Washington State headquarters.