Mobile Slaughter Unit

For farmers who are dissatisfied with their lack of control over their meat processing operations, our USDA-approved Mobile Slaughter Unit is a movable, self-contained slaughterhouse that can be transported to your farm or ranch to harvest animals in their natural environment. Our MSUs are proudly manufactured in the USA by TriVan Truck Body.

The number of U.S. slaughter facilities has decreased by 72% over the last half decade, from approximately 10,000 in the 1960s to 2,758 today. Amid the consolidation of the meat processing industry, offsite and commercialized processing facilities have held farmers and ranchers captive.

Whether you’re processing beef, bison, deer, goat, pork, poultry, or sheep, harvesting your animals onsite helps to maintain meat quality, lower transportation costs, and reduce your stress of scheduling with a large regional abattoir.

Compared to a brick and mortar facility, a Mobile Slaughter Unit costs up to 40% less and is flexible to be relocated, rearranged, or added onto as your operation grows. The unit is easier to have approved for use by the USDA and local jurisdictions, and more environmentally-friendly by requiring significantly less power, water, and other resources.

Built with rugged aluminum body construction, the Mobile Slaughter Unit is designed and built in two formats: Trailer — to be pulled down the road — or Modular — able to be moved but not towable. Both formats are designed to meet your specifications and USDA regulations by Friesla’s team of butchers, engineers, and compliance personnel. The units are manufactured in the USA by TriVan Truck Body and delivered turn-key.

The Trailer format can range from 28 feet long and towable by a one-ton truck to 53 feet long and towable by a semi truck. The Modular format can be designed up to 10 feet wide by 50 feet long, supporting increased output with a hide puller and wide layout. For use, connect it to water and power, or run it using an optional backup generator.

Both self-contained units include a meat rail hanging system, water storage, on-demand water heater, plumbing, drainage, refrigeration, waterproofed electrical, and all other installed equipment required for operation under USDA inspection. The interior’s smooth sides and coved edges enable easy cleaning in order to prevent bacterial growth.

Price, production time, and processing capability varies by unit. Connect with us to learn more.