Our Process

Local meat processing begins with a concept: your idea, question, or solution to a customer’s problem. Even with a great concept, there is a lot to consider to start let alone to succeed. You need clarity throughout this process.

At Friesla, our mission is to help farmers and ranchers take back control of your meat processing—on your terms, time, and at your site. We’re not in business to simply sell equipment. As your meat processing consultants, we’re devoted to serving you throughout the process: from concept to operations.


Whether you’ve decided to harvest meat on your farm or ranch or are still considering its feasibility, this is only the first step toward bringing meat from farm to table.

A meat processing concept without a plan—and the action to bring it about—remains a concept. It may be well-formed and actionable, or in need of perspective and revision. The path forward, regardless of where you are in the process, can be daunting.

Our team of meat industry experts informs your concept with experience and expertise. We partner with you to help build a foundation for your meat processing efforts and share the burden of preparation.


Guided by your concept, we lay the groundwork for your meat processing operations. Our function is as your advocate, helping you cut through bureaucratic red tape, and reducing your time, stress, and frustration with an otherwise complicated process.

On the front end, our Site Plan Development team partners with you and helps translate your vision to our Design and Engineering team. Together, we create an efficient meat processing system that can grow with your operations.

After the project has been spec’d, quoted, and approved, our Compliance Consultant works through the federal documentation required for you to become a USDA-inspected meat processor. Drawing on 27 years of experience gained as a USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) supervisory inspector, he writes the required, FSIS-compliant Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HAACP) Plan and applies for your USDA Grant of Inspection.


With regulatory approval in hand, our Project Management team maintains the project’s course through manufacturing, quality control, and delivery to you. But this isn’t the end of the road. Our Meat Process Engineer is available to assist with equipment setup, implementing traceability hardware and software, training personnel, or auditing your existing operation.

From concept to groundwork to operations, our passion is helping you take control of your meat processing. Connect with us to begin your project.