Butchers process primal cuts of meat, value-added harvesting in mobile cut and wrap

Cut and Wrap Module

Friesla’s movable Cut and Wrap Module is a purpose-designed, transportable container for cutting and packaging chilled animal carcasses onsite in preparation for distribution.

Whether your animals are slaughtered at a large abattoir or on your farm, the status quo after cooling is to deliver the meat to a separate cut and wrap facility. Surrendering oversight and quality control at this stage disrupts your ownership of the process.

Developed as an integral part of Friesla’s Meat Processing Systems, the movable Cut and Wrap Module is an integral part of the slaughter-to-sale meat processing ecosystem. The module is designed by Friesla’s team of butchers, engineers, and compliance consultants to fit your site plan and comply with USDA regulations. When connected with Friesla’s Mobile or Modular Meat Harvest Unit and Carcass Cooler, it enables a seamless, one-stop system that can be expanded as your operations grow.

Friesla’s purpose-designed Cut and Wrap Module is built in a brand new, containerized format, enabling its durability, economic efficiency, and ease of transportation. The module is equipped with a meat rail hanging system for easy carcass handling, stainless steel tables, bright LED lighting, cooling system, waterproof electrical system, plumbing with hot water, floor drains, an office for the USDA inspector, and an easy-to-clean floor, walls, and ceiling.

At the start and completion of cutting and wrapping, processing personnel can access the Carcass Cooler and Finished Goods Freezer through insulated slider doors located at each end of the Cut and Wrap Module, or through an exterior-facing man door.

Price and production time vary by unit size and specifications. Connect with us to learn more.